• The Association for the Rural Development of Satu Mare, is based in Carei, on Plugarilor street, no. 7, he has the attribute of PROJECT LEADER and has duties in the organization of social-economic activities. He proposes a project coordinator, an individual person, employed by the project leader for a period at least equal to the duration of the project, designated to manage the project, from a technical point of view and in terms of relations between partners, respecting the conditions specified in the Applicant's Guide. Coordinates/manages technically and financially the implementation of the project.

  • Schontal Innovative C.A., is based in Urziceni, no. 378, is in the capacity of partner 1, which is legally represented by Czier Attila, having the position of chairman of the board of directors. The Schontal Innovative Agricultural Cooperative was established in 2016 with the main object of activity 0142 – Breeding of other cattle. After a market study, he came to the conclusion that the demand for meat on the Romanian market is greater than the supply, so he requests this financial support for the purchase of this mobile slaughterhouse.

  • Urziceni Local Council, located in Urziceni, no. 238, as partner 2, legally represented by Schupler Tiberiu, having the position of Mayor. Urziceni is a medium-sized city whose main activities are services and agriculture.

  • The Calvinist High School of Satu Mare, based in Satu Mare, Piața Pacii, no. 4, is as partner 3, legally represented by Poti Eduard Janos, having the position of director. The Calvinist High School of Satu Mare is a high school that helps students find out what their goals are in life and what they are talented at, offering students quality education.

  • Ludy SRL with headquarters in Carei, Tireamului street, no. 8, Satu Mare county, is as partner 4, legally represented by Ludescher Norbert Gyorgy with the position of administrator. Ludy SRL is a restaurant from Carei, which will participate in all actions carried out through the project.

  • Eberst Csaba with domicile in Urziceni, no. 211, is as partner 5. Eberst Csaba is a farmer who raises pigs on his own farm, ensuring the source of pork.