Cooperation for the development of the local market by integrating short meat supply chains in Urziceni and its surroundings.

The general objective of the project is the establishment of a local market in the Urziceni area based exclusively on the development of short supply chains in this area through the activities carried out by the established partnership, during the implementation period of the financing contract. Due to the targeted promotional actions by the project as well as the acquisition of a mobile slaughterhouse which will be realized, there will be an important evolution from a commercial point of view for the products that will be offered to consumers. All this is due to the participation of the members of the partnership in the promotional actions. The partnership promotes local products - fresh beef, pork and sheep - the Schwaben Farm brand respects the main characteristics of the short supply chain:

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Schwaben Farm wants to satisfy the tastes of all customers, so we have prepared various assortments of meat so that both lovers of delicacies and those of traditional cuisine can find quality meat for home-cooked dishes.

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Beef Stew with Polenta
Roast Beef in Red Wine
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The meat industry is often affected by damage caused by imported and intensively farmed foods. The Limousine breed challenges the concept of what an environmentally conscious diet should look like. Red meat is a rich source of essential nutrients such as zinc, iron, vitamin B and protein, making it important in the human diet.

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Generational race

Schöntal Schul Impex owns some of the best quality beef in Romania, from embryos imported from California that we developed and raised in several farms in the country. Our mission is to increase the national mass of the Limousine breed according to a principle founded by Schontal, that is, the greater our demand, the more farmers will want to be part of this concept and breed these breeds.

We manage to send you the best meat, and our farmers can count on a fair price and confidence in our support for traditional growth. That means no rushing the growing process, no artificial waste and common sense farming.

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