Origin and history

The Limousine breed originates from France, where it developed over several centuries around the city of Limoges, in the Limousine region. 


Physical description

The Limousine breed cow is a large animal with a short head, deep chest and fine bones. It has strong limbs and a robust body covered with mahogany hair.

At maturity, a Limousine cow reaches the weight of 700-900 kilograms, and a bull at 1100-1300 kilograms. Because it is a very resistant animal, the cow of the Limousine breed is spread on all continents of the world, in more than 60 countries.



The Limousine breed

It is a brown cow, lighter under the belly and around the eyes and muzzle. It is bred mainly for meat production. It is prized for its meat, which has a particularly fine grain and is renowned for its tenderness. It is finely marbled with little fat, a characteristic common to draft breeds, the taste quality being widely recognized being a modern breed, it is resistant even to rudimentary conditions adapting to any conditions. Being easy to maintain and feed, it feeds on pasture grass in the summer, fibrous feed in the winter, it is favored by cattle breeders. The weight of adult bulls reaches from 1000 to 1300 kg, the weight of adult cows from 650 to 850 kg, the average height at the withers of adult cows from 135 to 145 cm. It has exceptional quality meat, appreciated and sought after all over the world. The carcass yield of the limousine is among the best (62 to 65% for an adult animal). On this carcass, we find 75% of muscle, a performance also very good and which it owes to the delicacy of its bones.