How to buy

Choose the desired product, using the Pork, Beef, Sheep menu item or accessing the products on the first page. Once you have found a product that matches your wishes, press the add to cart button.


If the product has been added to the cart, you have 2 options: to continue shopping or go directly to the shopping cart to complete the order. If you want to complete the order, after pressing the "go to the shopping cart" button, you will be directed to the related page where you can view the complete list of the chosen products, change the quantity or cancel one or more products.


The next step involves filling in the necessary fields with personal data (individual or legal entity) and filling in the delivery data, with the possibility of creating an account on our page.


After completing the required fields, please read and check if you agree to the Site Terms of Use and Conditions. This is mandatory and necessary to complete the order successfully. Only the last step remains to press the button Complete the order.


It is good to know that the manufacturer will contact you to establish all the details regarding the order, stock and shipping.


Create account

It is advisable to create an account from the beginning, so that you can save the basket and shopping lists and make a quick order whenever you want. It is not mandatory for placing an online order, but it can help you significantly and is much more efficient.


Confirmation email

After placing the order, you will receive a confirmation email with the products you ordered.